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About us

The AKCES company is an importer of plastics and aluminium and was founded in 1991. For 30 years we have been gathering knowledge and experience in the field of plastics and expanding the circle of cooperating customers.

Today we are one of the leading distributors of plastics with a stable position on the Polish market. We operate on the basis of our headquarters in Łódź and branch offices in Warsaw, Poznań and Kalisz. Our offer includes high quality products and services at competitive prices, which we achieve thanks to long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers. We strive to establish long-term relationships with our business partners and employees, which leads to mutual trust and positively influences the development of the company.

Our goal is to constantly expand our assortment, improve the quality of the services offered and adapt them to individual customer needs. Our advantage is the fast and timely execution of orders and highly qualified professional staff, which meets the expectations of our customers every day.


PMMA sheets

Polycarbonate sheets

PVC foam boards

Polyester plates (PETG, APET)

ACP-DIBOND composite panels

HIPS plates

Polycarbonate tubes

PMMA tubes and rods

Aluminium profiles

Plastic foil