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Since the beginning of its activity the Akces company has offered its customers products of the best quality. They all come from proven manufacturers from Poland or from abroad. Durable and functional, they are used in many areas. Thanks to the individual approach to each order and meeting deadlines, each customer of the company receives exactly what he expects in a short time. An additional advantage of the company's offer are extremely competitive prices.

The offer of the Akces company includes:

  • PMMA sheets,
  • Solid and chamber polycarbonate sheets,
  • PVC foam boards,
  • Polyester plates (PETG, APET),
  • ACP-DIBOND composite panels,
  • HIPS plates,
  • Polycarbonate tubes,
  • PMMA tubes and rods, extruded and cast,
  • Aluminium profiles,
  • Plastic foil,
  • Services.

The company's product range, which also includes self-adhesive and magnetic foils as well as transport paper, is not yet exhausted. Customers will also buy decorative mats, plexiglass rods and adhesives for plastics. The offer is supplemented by services such as cutting of aluminium and plastics, engraving and printing of foils.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed offer.


PMMA sheets

Polycarbonate sheets

PVC foam boards

Polyester plates (PETG, APET)

ACP-DIBOND composite panels

HIPS plates

Polycarbonate tubes

PMMA tubes and rods

Aluminium profiles

Plastic foil